Friday, April 17, 2009

FiLo - First In, Last Out Antiques

First In, Last Out Antique booth is a fun one to visit! I love these very decorative chamber pots! How funny are they? I have more kids say "Look Mom, a pretty pot for soup!", giving their Mom's (and me) a big chuckle! I won't be making any soup in there - but they are fun, pretty, and frankly a most amusing talking piece! It would be a fun thing to put your extra toiletries in - maybe even your toilet scrub brush or plunger! I bet you would be the only on your block with such a decorative piece for your plunger! Gotta have fun, right?!

Now First In, Last Out Antiques is a great eclectic collection of vintage pieces, from bread boxes, to old antique school desks, old pickle jars and old butter churns. But there is just something about the brown pottery that I am so drawn too. These two pieces in particular. I love the print on the side of the jug style piece and I can see the larger piece on a potluck table this summer keeping the baked beans warm. Come see them for yourself.

The final piece I want to look at is this really cool bed. It is an original Clarksville piece of furniture - taken out of a house right around the corner from here on Union St. A real piece of history. I would love to put it on my sun porch...but alas, I don't have one. So maybe you do? Maybe a covered patio? It would be so cute just up against a wall and made into a daybed settee

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