Friday, January 29, 2010

All New Valentine's Day Ideas

I have never been one to like receiving the typical roses and chocolates for Valentine's Day. Well, maybe chocolate...

I like it more when more thought is put into it. It is the holiday that we are supposed to show our loved ones how we love them. I don't think that "generic" gifts are really a great way to express that.

So, in the spirit of that - here are some gift ideas that I know I would love to give and/or receive - so maybe you would love to give and/or receive these too!

I love vintage jewelry. I can't tell you how many woman come in and try these on. But put these amazing pieces back because they just can't spend that much on themselves. Valentine's is a perfect time to splurge on the one you love.

Next - I know you have heard me go on and on about the transferware jewelry. Now she has added these amazing belts. The made the first one a few weeks ago - and Paige, ARTifacts and Hodgepodge owner, bought that one immediately. She just brought these in this week and they are all unique and an incredible price! And of course, she always has the pendants and earrings that everyone loves!

Earlier this month, Rachel Ison moved into ARTifacts and brought with her the most amazing wire wrapped jewelry. They are all beautiful and all perfect gifts. But this necklace is especially appropriate for the season.

Then I also love these new arrivals. They are handmade valentine decor. They add just a small touch of Valentine decor.

More to come in upcoming posts! I have plenty of Valentine gift ideas to find at ARTifacts.

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  1. Thank you Kendall Welsh for the collections.Sounds pretty great.WIsh you all the best.

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