Monday, March 8, 2010

Featured Artist – Patsy Dollar, The Loose Potter


I love making pots and bowls that make people laugh – but my main focus has been function. I can’t seem to make a piece that is only for “looking” - you have to touch it, feel the movement of it, and then fill it with cheerios or ice cream!

I’ve been working with clay since 1980. I started out with poured ceramics, in a little shop, locally owned by the Applegate’s. For years I played with the cast pieces and learned to alter them to make them more interesting and uniquely functional. I still have my own molds and pour clay on a regular basis.

DSCF0025 DSCF0022

The Loose Potter became my trademark because of the way that I make bowls and work with the clay. Each piece that I make is an individual thing. I don’t make a set of bowls that match – unless you count the color. Each piece is a loose, flowing piece of clay that forms into its own individual design. And so – there you have it – loose pottery needs a loose potter to help shape it! Teapots are some of my favorite projects, so when you are looking at handmade teapots and see some that are slightly wompersided; check the bottom for my logo: The Loose Potter!


I have recently been branching out to different type of media for my creative focus. I am introducing my efforts with charcoal and pastels for the March 1st Thursday Art walk. I am producing this art under the moniker of “Impressions” followed by a “$”. I wanted to try a new challenge and welcome your comments and impressions of the presented pieces.

I also have a line of handmade, old-fashioned, lye soaps called $eay $oaps. These soaps are made using the cold process of saponification with vegetable oils, lye, and natural (mostly organic) additives, such as essential oils for fragrance. Scents are always changing, so check back often to see what’s new!


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