Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Featured Artist, Erin Slauson

Erin Slauson is our featured artist for the April First Thursday ArtWalk in 2 days.

In May Erin Slauson will be graduating with her BFA in studio arts from Austin Peay.  Although her concentration is ceramics, she also loves photography, painting and jewelry making.  Erin has a passion for creating functional bowls of all sizes, "I find myself making bowls more than any other form, they seem to calm my soul."  You will also find a selection of sculptural bowls in Raku style as well as high fire glazes.  She aims to continue growing and developing her forms and sculptures, as for right now she is simply enjoying working hard and creating art.  Erin says, "Ceramics is alot about process, it has multiple steps, so being patient is key.  Luckily I love the process and am quite patient."  Also on display this month will be a selection of her recent oil paintings.

You may ask – What is Raku????  Well – here is the best description I have seen for it  - “Raku firing is unpredictable and volatile, but produces exquisitely beautiful results.:

“In Raku, a ceramic piece is quickly heated to approximately 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. A Raku piece will be brought up to temperature in 40 minutes, whereas other forms of firing will take hours or even days. Raku firings are most often created in a gas or propane kiln. The gas flame is enhanced by an electric blower, which provides more oxygen to the flame making it burn hotter. This is similar to what is done in a metal forge.”

Hope that helps!  I can tell you that I find the pieces amazing and the color and the texture of the pottery is exquisite!  I have sent pieces as gift to friends and have purchased some for myself.  Erin’s pottery just amazing!  Come see!


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  1. great work! we'll be in TN this summer. can't wait to drop in