Friday, October 15, 2010

Child Birth Classes offered at ARTifacts Emporium

Earthy Birth Childbirth Education Classes Begin Tuesday October 19. Class session will last four weeks, every Tuesday from 6-8 p.m. Classes are small and casual, which lends for a more intimate atmosphere to discuss the sacred art of birth. Class schedule and topics are as follows:

Tuesday Oct 19:
Trusting Birth and Trusting Your Body: The Stages of Labor; Getting the Birth you Want Even When Things Do Not Go As You Planned
Birth Art: Finding Your Birth Legacy Through Art

Tuesday Oct 26:
Birth Plans: Should You Write One?
Birth Stories: Listening Sympathetically But Not Owning Another Woman’s Story

Tuesday Nov 2:
Relaxation Techniques and Positions for Birth

Tuesday Nov 9:
Breastfeeding: Breast Care, Latching On, Feeding Positions, Nutrition for Mom
Bringing Baby Home: Basic Infant Care, Cord Care, Swaddling, Co-Sleeping, Relationships, Suggested Reading for New Parents.

Participants are encouraged to dress in comfortable clothing, bring cushions to sit on (chairs are sometimes too hard) and bring food and drink if desired. We will also be using different art mediums such as clay, paints, pencils and pastels, and there will be homework, so come prepared with a notebook and something to write with. My hope is that this class will be beneficial to all expectant parents, and different than your run of the mill hospital based childbirth classes.

rhonda Rhonda's Bio:
Rhonda has been a Birth Doula since 2003, getting her training from DONA (Doula's of North America). She has experience with all manner of childbirth, from homebirth to cesarean birth. She has recieved her CBE education from Childbirth International and is still learning and training with local midwives, as there is always so much more to discover. Her goal is to help women achieve the birth they want, with no regrets regarding the choices they make. Education and support is key to achieving that.

Rhonda has been married to her high school sweetheart for nearly 24 years, was a military wife for 20 of those years, and is mom to two grown children, whom she birth naturally in military hospitals. She is also the proud nana of one perfect grandchild, Lyric. She and her family have been Clarksville residents off and on since 1990,coming back most recently in 2003 and have settled in the area for good.


COntact Rhonda directly to enroll:

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