Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I’m Back – Let’s Catch Up! Gail Meyer, Featured Artist

I am sorry I have been out of contact for so long!  But instead of excuses, let’s get back to business! I promise to have a post a day until I have everyone caught up!

Let’s start with Gail Meyer – this months featured artist.  Gail was nice enough to bring in a bunch of new pieces to share with us – and within a few hours of hanging one of the large pieces – it sold!   Go Gail!!  And go to Carole the new owner of this piece.  I didn’t even get a photo of it- but trust me, amazingly beautiful and completely different then anything Gail has ever brought in.  Loved it!

Gail Meyer, artist 

Love this piece.  Gail was saying the other day that she likes to not do detailed faces on her non-commissioned art – she wants the viewer of the art to imagine who they want in the piece.  Love the rain running off the painting.  Don’t forget that we do have layaway – so if you are able to put larger pieces like this on layaway for Christmas!

Gail Meyer, artist 

I have been enjoying Gail’s coffee cup paintings for some time now.  But with the cold crisp air we are enjoying in the mornings – doesn’t this cup of tea just call your name?  Perfect for a breakfast nook.

Gail Meyer, artist I am loving these birds.  Please save me from myself!  This amazing piece is only $55! 

Gail Meyer, artist These daisies are just wonderful.  Table top or hang it up – love it!

Gail Meyer, artist This painting of a downtown is so wonderful – what do you see in this one? 

Gail Meyer, artist Growing up my parents had a cabin in the mountains of West Virginia.  We spent alot of our vacations at that cabin – and I have some amazing memories of that place.  I miss it very much and wish I could share it with my kids now.  For what ever reason, this painting reminds me of that cabin.  My Dad just said, “Don’t know why, it looks nothing like it!” but it totally does.  Maybe just the feel of it, the hominess.  Not sure- but I love it.

Gail Meyer, artist Love the coloring on this one!  Makes me want to head downtown!

Gail Meyer, artistAnd more of her mini paintings – perfect gifts for whatever!

Hope you enjoyed this update!  I promise more tomorrow!

See you downtown - K

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  1. I love Gail's work--have several of my own, to include three of her mini paintings in the kitchen!
    I may have to save you from those birds and buy them for myself!