Thursday, November 4, 2010

So MUCH to tell you!

I have about 10 things I need to tell everyone!!  I started this blog on MOnday, but have had major technical difficulties.  But I think I got it.

FIRST!  Winners of the PUMPKIN CONTEST!!!

Here are photos of all the contestants ~

100MEDIA_IMAG0128Relative Collections had a pumpkin named “Quote the Raven”.  They had turned their pumpkin into a bird cage, and put a raven and nest inside. 

100MEDIA_IMAG0130  Jo Rhoads had a set of 3 pumpkins “Hear, See, Speak – no evil!”


100MEDIA_IMAG0127 Cindy’s Ride by Rachel Wainwright was fabulous!

100MEDIA_IMAG0129 Icing by Relative Collections

100MEDIA_IMAG0131 The Dollhouse did two fun pumpkins for us this year!  This one above is FRANKFURT.  Below is Frank’s friend MUMSIE


Sweet Pea from Tutu Sweet is so cute – and perfect name!!


Gabriele had a great one too…sadly, my photo got lost,, not sure  what I did wrong – but she had a set of three pumpkins that she decorated to look like Love, Hope & Faith. 


------IT’S A TIE!!!!!!

Cindy’s Ride & The Dollhouse’s Best friends!

Congratulations to Rachel & Casey!

Customer winners are:

Sarah G is our Grand Prize Winner!
She will get a GIFT CERTIFICATE for $25 to ARTIFACTS

Jennifer W. wins an Architectural Alphabet of Historic Downtown Clarksville print! Like this one!

Architectural Alphabet of Historic Downtown Clarksville

Congratulations to ALL our winners!!

Come down this weekend for our Holiday Open House and you will have more opportunities to WIN WIN WIN!!!!

Downtown Holiday Open House

See you downtown!

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