Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weiss Rhinestones

What do you know about Weiss?  Before working here, I had never even heard of Weiss.  Here are a few things I have learned since:

Albert Weiss founded Weiss jewelry in the year 1942.  Mr. Weiss was experienced with costume jewelry, as he had spent some time at Coro.

Mr. Weiss designed most of the jewelry that bears his name.  his company operated from 1942 through to 1971, when it finally shut down.  Unfortunately, many of the great costume jewelry companies closed their doors about this time, due to the jewelry styles changing so much.  Hence, Weiss jewelry falls very much into the "most desireable" costume jewelry years.

Weiss jewelry is know for both classic looks and for loads of wonderful, excellent-quality rhinestones.  The jewelry was well-made and has stood the test of time. –Source.

What I do know is that the pieces that Jo’s Antiques has collected, and has for sale at ARTifacts are exquisite.  And right now, she has this bracelet, valued at over $350 a couple of years ago, is now on sale!



Even the clasp on this bracelet is amazing!  Here are the details about this lovely piece:

Great art design, signed Weiss.  Excellent craftsmanship, with a total of 234 clear stones: 216 stones of 1/4 carat each, foil back designs, 12 step cut, long clear baguettes, 6 more rhinestones on the claps, with safety chain.  Bracelet is 8 stones wide (1 1/2”), 7 1/2” long, with clasp.  Believed to be 40’s or 50’s product.  The design has 3 series of 8 rows of the 1/4 carat stone divided by 2 rows of the baguette stones which are 1/4 inches long and 1/8 inches wide each. (6 across each row).  I found this lovely bracelet at an auction in Florida.

Special Sale price at $400 NOW $240

See you downtown!!

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