Thursday, November 17, 2011

Local Artisans–Inspired Nest

We have 3 new vendors at ARTifacts, all with amazing new products that I can’t wait to share with you all.  So as part of the series on Shop Local. Shop Handmade – I am introducing you to these new vendors on their own, so …..nnn_shop_local_html_element_7_5760!Shop-local-baubel

First meet local artisan – Inspired Nest!



Remember the window table that we had here at the shop for a while?  The one that was on layaway?  Well, we have a new one – and this one is even more spectacular than the last (sorry Ryan!!)


Love this vintage paper and window wreath – fantastic!  I love it for holiday décor!


Vintage stools, one recovered for the purpose intended, and the other – flipped over and made into a pet bed!  ADORABLE!  And this amazing metal crate and jelly canister holder!  AWESOME


Repurposed trays into magnet and chalkboards – and unique home décor pieces!



Look at this amazing piece for an entry way – chalkboard note board with a fantastic paint job!  WOW!


Loving this repurposed wooden angel – isn’t she beautiful??!  Love that she is playing a trumpet! 


Did I mention that this lady is super talented?  Now look at these knitted pieces.  They are so fun!!


Addicted to all vintage papers like me?  I am totally addicted, and this stack of old magazines and books is amazing.  Loads of Kennedy family goodies here too.


Planning punch for a holiday party?  This is perfect for what you need!

See you downtown!!!

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