Saturday, February 21, 2009

Arrivals this weekend

More new stuff? No way you are thinking! But YES, it is true! With over 29 vendors here at ARTifacts Emporium there is constantly change in the air. In one day 3 vendors can come in and totally change their piece of the shop, creating a totally different look and feel to their space.

Here are a few more examples of the new stuff:

This is one of three new crazy quilts on canvas by quilt artist Jessica Kerr. In the center of the quilt is an embroidered quote by Sarah Hale. There are fun embellishments on the piece giving it dimension. One of the other quilts has an old Irish proverb embroidered, and the final one has a Milton Berl quote that is pretty funny!
Next is this beautifully handpainted antique primitive cabinet in Annie McCords booth in the back room. You can close this cabinet up and see the beautiful handpainting on the outside of the cabinet, but if you want to leave it open the inside door is also painted.

Our final new arrival today are these new wallets & coin purses. They are handmade in fashionable fabrics. And they are very affordable too, making them a perfect gift!

This is just a few of the new additions to ARTifacts this week. Come by and see what else has been collected for your enjoyment!


  1. i'm glad you showed the inside of that painted cabinet--i had no idea. the price is great.
    i'm going to submit some pics of the stuff i bought the other day--show them in their new environment. okie dokie?

  2. THat is great! Please do! I would love to see what all our customers do with stuff they get here!