Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More New!

So this blog I decided I would focus on new art that has arrived in the shop. We have so many extremely talented artists here - I was never really someone who bought art before. I don't know if it is my tastes are improving or that I am finally seeing stuff I like! Either way, I am in a quandry all the time now with what pieces touch me more - and for what reasons.

Reisa Peters is a wonderful artist that her work just amazes me. But there are 2 new pieces she just brought in that everyone should come see. This horse painting she just completed is fabulous! It would be a great addition to any horse lovers home. This photo doesn't do the piece justice at all - so please come in to check it out. AND her other piece that I am not going to post on here, instead entice you to come in and see if for yourself. It is so freeing, so beautiful!

Many of you are already familiar with Gabriele Wardiener's work both with the DAC and with ARTZ here in Clarksville. She also has a booth here at ARTifacts displaying her work. One of the crowd favorites are her dragons. She does all kinds of dragons in all different kinds of different media. Here are 2 of her new ones. There is one other, but you will have to come down and see it for yourself!

The final art piece I want to share with you is this darling painting by Gail Meyers. This little girl walking through the field of flowers is just so lovely. Come and see for yourself. A friend just commented on how wonderful it is to me - you have to agree!

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  1. three of my favorites!
    i need an original reisa, though.
    thanks for writing a post about them.