Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Contest!!

Many of our vendors are participating in a pumpkin decorating contest!
Here is a close up of one - but I really don't want to give them away! Instead, I want you to come to the shop, and check them out for yourself! Vote on your favorite and be entered to win a prize package valued over $70!
I promise that everyone that has come in and voted already has really enjoyed our creative collection of pumpkins - so make a special trip of it. And you could win a great prize!
See you soon! Cheers!


  1. Sounds so fun! It was great meeting you at Artifacts, this weekend Kendall! Sorry I missed you at Hodgepodge Paige:) You girls have some great spaces and unique items. It was a sweet stop on our way from Nashville back to home in Indiana. Best Wishes!

  2. It was great meeting you at artifacts this weekend, Kendall!
    Paige I am sorry to have missed you at Hodgepodge. You have some really swell items! Best Wishes from Indiana!

  3. Thanks Cherie! I went to your site minutes after you left the other day! CUTE STUFF!!

  4. I love to see the place decorated!! There are so many unique ideas for decorating the pumpkins!