Monday, October 19, 2009

Time to Get Ready?


it is coming....

Nothing you can do to stop it!

But you can start to prepare for it, and I am here to help you get ready! Here are some great ideas for you to consider for your friends & family. Our goal at ARTifacts is to help you find a special unique gift - a gift not available at any big box store. Instead a 1 of a kind thoughtful gift that will withstand the test of time!

HoneyDogStudios has just brought in these handmade leather purses & totes. An amazing investment - since leather will last forever! One of his customers has been carrying her tote for over 5 years just about daily and it is just as beautiful, and the leather has become more supple then when brand new. A gift for many years to come - and still 100% practical.

Specially made gift bags for quick gift giving and a great price!

Elisabeth has been adding to her collection of hats, scarves, blankets, and other knitted items for you to start collecting for gifts.

These wallets have been a favorite. Handmade and with fun fabrics and the perfect size for any size purse. Great gift!

Love these leggings! Great colors and designs - loads of choices! My 7 year old wishes they came in her size.


  1. I know Casey! I love them too! I am really loving the large one in the brown. Very nice!!!