Thursday, October 22, 2009

What are you supposed to be??

Remember that question? The neighbor would ask, your teacher, even your friends. "What are you supposed to be?" - while I loved the attention each different halloween costume gave me, I hated this question! I always thought - "GEEZ, I am a XXX! DUH! My costume is perfection, how could you not know?!"

Things are more complicated now with our costumes, for our kids and for us adults. So, what are YOU going to be? I haven't completely decided yet. My oldest decided on a fortune teller. I love this idea! My favorite ideas are the ones not bought from a store. (that said my 4 year old is a store bought fairy! But what can you do with these commercial inspired kids?? I tried, that is the best I can do! )

For the past 2 weeks, I find myself walking through ARTifacts looking for appropriate accessories for the best dressed fortune teller. I have found so many wonderful necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more to make her fortune teller costume unique and one of a kind.

Got us thinking - what other costumes could ARTifacts inspire for you? Let's take a look!

Finishing touches on all costumes are the accessories. The clothes make the outfit, but the accessories complete the deal! Yesterday I sold pearl necklaces and pearl earrings and a fabulous vintage purse to a APSU student who is going as Audrey Hepburn! Made her promise to send me a photo - if she remembers, I will share with you all.
Disco dancer? This purse would be perfect for that!
We have loads of hats that could inspire ideas for costumes. We even have some vintage fur hats and headbands that would be fun!
This pink dress is for a child, about a 4-7 in size. It is vintage and you could so so many directions with it. A ghost would be so fun. Or if you are into Halloween, but don't have the time to do an entire costume, these printed shirts from Zach Finney are one of a kind works of art and horror in one!
Love these funny 1950's outfits! We have these, and then vintage metal coffee serving pots - you could be June Clever!
These vintage 70's shirts (popular today by the way) would also make for a fun 70's costume.

Good luck finding your inner child! And HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
And don't forget to come downtown for Fright on Franklin on the 31st. A safe and fun trick or treating environment for the kids, plus costume contest and pumpkin carving contests!


  1. I still haven't decided on anything to dress up in for this Halloween! I truely enjoy just watching others dress up.
    But Artifacts looks great, as usual! Check out all the pumpkins!!!

  2. Did you get lots of candy to give out on Fright on Franklin?