Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back in the saddle again…

Well, I am home.  It has been a rough couple of weeks for my Mom, sisters and I, but we are back in TN now and ready for the fall season.  Thanks to everyone who shared their prayers during this rough time for the Thomas Family.  We appreciate it more than you will even know. 

And of course, I can’t go on without saying how grateful I am to Crystal who kept the shop running.  While she didn’t have easy access to the blog to keep those of you who watch the blog informed – she was able to keep our Facebook page updated amazingly well!  THANKS TO CRYSTAL FOR EVERYTHING!!!  You are my rock!


Didn’t know we have a Facebook page?  We do!  And it is perfect for uploading our just arrived items quick and fast!  If you don’t watch it yet, you really should (just ask Taylor E. who shops often via our Facebook page – and comes running in as soon as she sees something she can’t live without and gets first dibs!  It is the way to go, I tell ya! 

Here is what you missed out on:


The amazing agate ring on the far right is GONE!  You snooze you lose!  She also so a featured necklace – so don’t miss out on the next new arrival posts!


So now I am going to have to catch you up on all the new vendors, vendors who moved to bigger better spaces, and new arrivals.  Going to be a whirlwind of posts for the next few days, but I really recommend coming in and checking it out yourself, not just waiting for the posts, because it is not unhear of for these things to be gone by the time I post them!!


Not sure which of these three items I like best – the chair I love, the burlap frame with gold painted frame or the window pane with the clips.  PERFECT for kids artwork that MUST be on display!

Hm, that one may go home with me today…..

See you downtown!

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