Thursday, September 8, 2011

Featured Artist–Patsy Dollar

When asked about her art, here is what Patsy Dollar shared: This year has been very eventful for me as I pursue my art and the expression of it.


I have moved into different mediums of expression and not been as active in others. This show is titled “Multifaceted Perceptions by the Loose Potter”.DSCF1002

In this presentation I have attempted to show my growth within by presenting art that is as multifaceted as I am. DSCF1003DSCF1004


New examples of Face Pots with more abstractions, and free form faces that peer out at you, and the addition of Crystalline glazes to add depth to the perceptions of art forms and their functionality.

DSCF1005DSCF1006DSCF1007DSCF1008DSCF1009Also this year I am introducing experiments with charcoal and pastel chalks as well as acrylics. I have also brought 2 dimensional art forms into my experience.DSCF1010DSCF1011DSCF1012DSCF1018DSCF1021DSCF1022DSCF1023DSCF1024DSCF1025DSCF1026DSCF1028DSCF1030