Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Amazing Weather

So - this has been the most beautiful July ever! Can you stand how amazing it is? I am in heaven and it is a wonderfully comfortable temperature up here at ARTifacts. I almost put on a jacket this morning cuz I was getting chilly!

So - what's new? Well I have already mentioned that Patsy Dollar, The Loose Potter, has joined us here at ARTifacts, but I think I neglected to share many photos of her wonderful items with you all - I am fixing that right now!
I love these little plates! I am considering sending a set to my best friend in England, for her to serve her kids (my Godchildren) snacks on. Not only do I see these for small snacks, bread, or even a holder for my corn on the cob - but they're all kinds of other uses for this set of plates. How about for candles, keys, jewelry on your dresser table, etc!
I love the color on this collection of pots!
Our Loose Potter also has several bowls she has added appropriate phrases on the top edge. Great gifts or bunco prizes!

My other best friend's Mom collected teapots for many years. Every time I see these teapots, I think of Pam. She would have loved these pieces!
There are more options at the shop - I am only sharing a few of The Loose Potter's art - now come in and see the rest for yourself!
Hope this posting finds you all well - and enjoying amazing weather!



  1. Hello All, and many thanks to Kendall for that great plug!!
    The little plates were created with the thought of sushi - I love sushi and wanted something pretty to place it on and to mix my soy sauce and wasambi on (the tiny plates). So there is another use listed for them! How about soap dish or even scrubby holder...? Any other suggestions?
    Come by and see my new selection of $eaySoaps - another project that I have started...I have added new varieties, like "Summer Fresh", which is spearment and rosemary essential oils with, of all things - reindeer moss! Another favorite is "Cammi Calendula", which features Chamomile and Calendula infused oils. Oh - I almost forgot! BOGO on $eaySoaps - buy one get one half off!! Have a great day, everyone!!
    Patsy Dollar

  2. Hello Kendall! Thanks so much for helping Robby and I with our purchase of Patsy Dollar's "Smith Trahern" teapot. It is gorgeous, and is going to a sweet lady for Christmas, so it will have a happy home. Thanks so much to you and Paige for bringing the unique and lovely to downtown Clarksville through Artifacts and Hodgepodge. Best, Karen Parr-Moody

  3. Glad you like it Karen! Glad you are so happy with her work. I love it - and adore the artist too. I will try and get you an artist statement too - sorry it completely slipped my mind. Getting on it right now!