Monday, November 9, 2009

Featured Artist this month, John Glass makes these amazing boxes by hand. Using materials that he salvage from Madison Street John creates flag boxes, tool boxes, blanket chests, secret boxes and decorative boxes.
Also featured at ARTifacts is John Glass. John states, “After the adventure and challenge of building our house, I made some furniture for it, bookcases and tables. Then I made some nest boxes for our neighors, the bluebirds. Then a friend asked me to make some display cases for him. Along the way, I rescued some beautiful old paneling from a church remodeling project I worked on and ended up incorporating that into some boxes I made. I found that I enjoyed making boxes, using various kinds of wood and experimenting with different finishes. A couple of years ago I added the challenge of designing secret compartments in the boxes. I enjoy the process of making these objects and I hope people take pleasure in the results."

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