Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stocking Stuffers

Starting to shop for the holidays? I know it seems early -but it isn't! Start early, make it an easy non stressful holiday - we can help! Here some ideas for you - just check our site often for more and stop by so you can see what we didn't photograph.
These are great stocking stuffers, cell phone charms. Not only does it help you distingish your cell phone from your friends - but it also looks great! All types for all personalities!
Vintage ornaments are always a great gift to share with everyone! Buy 3 and get a discount.
Handmade lip balms made by HoneyDog Studios. Great gift idea!

Seay Soap is also a wonderful gift idea also. And right now they are on sale! They smell incredible, they are beautiful. Come smell them yourself.

More tomorrow!!


  1. Kendall, ARTifacts has so many great gift ideas for Christmas!Belle finds a beautiful something everytime she comes in.I am so over going to the mall to find anything.I can avoid long lines and traffic!The atmosphere at ARTifacts is happy and merry especially now with the holidays coming!

  2. Thanks Marbella! And tahnks so much for adding us to your favorite blogs! I appreciate that so much!

  3. I am so glad Belle finds great stuff here! I just found 2 new gift ideas for family and a friend myself - and I am here everyday! Always great ideas, always wonderful to support my local friends and artists!

  4. I love all the stuff in Artifacts - and I will be shopping here for the holidays as well! Check out all the great jewelry and stuff!
    ps: I make great soap ($eay $oap)!!!