Thursday, November 12, 2009

Filo - Featured Vendor for November 2009

Featured Vendor - Filo (First In, Last Out)

Ginger Mulvey Beireis says, “ I am excited to be part of the continuing Renaissance of downtown! I returned from NYC to Clarksville to open the ROXY (with former partners Tom and John) in 1983. The next year I bought a house on Dog Hill, which fostered an appreciation of local historic architecture, antiques, art, and "cool old stuff." This eventually led to sharing finds at ARTifacts. Byers & Harvey co-worker Rebecca Bell has joined me in the FiLo venture, featuring collectibles and "things your Mama used to use." We hope you also enjoy our treasures, and enjoy exploring downtown Clarksville!”


  1. I can't wait to go to Clarksville!

  2. Those are the cutest little dolls on a swing!