Sunday, December 20, 2009

Eleven Pipers Piping

Eleven Pipers Piping is day 11 of our 12 Sales of Christmas! Now that we are getting closer to the end, we have vendors really getting ready to move some products! This sale is in Oh Baby's booth - 50% off all her Christmas Decor! There are still lots of Xmas Gift ideas in her booth that would be 50% off - you don't want to miss out on these deals - that said - they are going fast! The Angels of Reclaim are also on sale at 15% off! Don't know what an Angel of Reclaim is? They are angels designed completely from vintage items - old quilt corners, vintage dresser hardware, old faucet pieces, vintage decor and more! These are all one of a kind pieces of art - all with different personalities!
Don't wait too long - I just sold more of her stuff just now - you don't want to miss out on this pricing.
Just found out too that The Dollhouse (booth 13) has marked her Christmas Decor off 25% too. Don't want to miss out on that!
What the heck - I am feeling the spirit now! I am now offering off 25% in my booth - #26 on all Xmas Decor. Most of my Christmas items remaining are vintage ornaments. So if you like vintage ornaments - come see what I have left in booth #26

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