Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Co Worker Gifts?

My mom used to call me each year asking for ideas about what to get her co workers for Christmas. She always wanted something special for the people she worked with for so many years. She would hope for a gift that would be special and unique - but not too expensive since she had to buy for so many. Each year we would get more creative trying to fulfill her needs.

If she hadn't retired last year, I would have been calling her to tell her about these pieces featured below. They fit the bill perfectly!

Rachel Wainwright has an amazing talent for taking vintage transferware dishes of all kinds, and making special and unique jewelry. Pieces starting at $5, they are a perfect gift.

Another great gift for your friends would be scarves from Eunice Kern. Eunice hand paints on silk and creates all kinds of works of art. Items ranging from barretts and pins, and colorful scarves and frame paintings.


  1. Love the neclaces! Im puttin those on my Christmas wishlist!

  2. these art pieces are so beautiful - especially in person!

  3. Oh, these necklaces are so pretty and cheap... I mean, inexpensive!

  4. So... I had to go to Artifacts and get a couple of these pretties! I've been bragging ever since! I need to get the matching earrings for my necklace. ...