Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Vendor – Charlotte Nelms


Our newest addition to our incredibly talented artists is Charlotte Nelms.  Charlotte was born and reared in Oregon, but as a military spouse has lived and continued her art studies all over the North American and European continents.  She received her Associate in Arts Degree from City Colleges of Chicago, Europe.  Recently, returned from Germany she has now chosen to settle in Clarksville and is excited to portray in her favorite mediums of pastel and watercolor the American landscapes that she loves.  .

Art by Charlotte Nelms

Water is a theme that frequently reoccurs.  Whether it is placid or rushing, reflective or totally abstract, it inspires her.  “When I am painting water I am painting reflected light because water has no color of its own.  It has its own life by reflecting the life around it.”

The past thirty years have brought Charlotte numerous awards and prizes for her work in Canada, California, Germany and Texas

 Art by Charlotte Nelms

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