Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reisa Peters, Featured Artist for August

Many of you have already had the pleasure of viewing Reisa Peter’s work at ARTifacts Emporium.  What you may NOT already have seen are her newer pieces. 

Reisa Peters works in pastel and oil. She has worked in pastel for the past 12 years and has just started learning to oil paint the past year. In pastel attended a workshop by Paula Ford, from Chattanooga, ("the tree lady"), and is practicing what she has learned from her. Now Reisa has been painting with a palette knife in oil paintings and has several examples of that on display in her booth.

DSCF1654The mystical feel of this painting is just enchanting!


 I can smell the freshly cut hay when I look at this one!


Here is the wonderful tropical scene that Reisa created with the palette knife technique that was mentioned at the beginning of this blog.DSCF1658


All of these wonderful works of art make me want to take longs in the woods – maybe when it cools down some!  Thanks for your amazing art Reisa!

I did finally get to take a Reisa piece of art home.  LOVE IT!  It was the one mentioned in a blog a while back – the “save me

See you downtown!!!

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  1. Love, LOVE! the haybales! This country kid would LOVE to take that home.