Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fun stuff at ARTifacts Emporium

I love vintage silk scarves – especially with all the fans we have running at the shop right now.  They just wave in the breeze so nicely, very poetic – but I am not not a poet – so I borrowed this one from  Linda Terrell’s poem called “Days gone by”.

Dad's new 57 chevy, red and white,
crusing through town, with envious delight,
mom's scarf blowing in the wind.
The 50's gone by, like an old family friend.

This is just one part of the entire poem, but here you can read the whole thing – pretty cool actually!

Anyway – Relative Collections has dozens of these scarves in their booth – and right now they are participating in the Sizzling Summer Sale – so the already great prices on these scarves, is even better now!

vintage dress, aprons and scarves

They also have new memo boards, perfect for all your back to school organizational notes and photos of the kids first day of school.  I just love this vintage fabric used to make these one of a kind memo boards. (also on sale!!)

memo board with vintage fabrics More new arrivals!  These backpacks are a riot!  Many of them have different skull patterns on them – a couple glow in the dark!  So fun and all hand made.

hand made skeleton backpacks

Gail Meyer brought in another beauty!  And she has put an amazing price on it.  (I just showed it to my husband – hinted very strongly, not sure he got the hint….)Gail Meyer Painting

More new arrivals to share tomorrow – come back for more – and share this post on your blog/facebook/Google Buzz/Twitter – what ever!  Just added that so you can share things easy as pie!

See you downtown!


  1. Thankyou so much for posting on my blog Rebecca! Your store is so lovely and I remember having the opportunity to stop by last year.............hope to do that again soon! I have enjoyed your stopping by and wasn't sure how to contact you so I do hope this reaches you! my email is as well. Take good care! XO

  2. oh goofy me..........Kendall I think I met you one hot day last year.........but oops I just realized you may not have posted at my blog! ah the silliness......still it was nice to remember my trip to see your great store. Thanks again for your kind hospitality that day!