Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vintage Kitchen

Every month we try to change the display at the front entrance of our emporium.  This month we were inspired by the kitchen items through out the shop.  Items from all of different vendors, coming together to create a fun display!  Let’s take a look!

There is so much in this first photo!  Frame the fun enamelware plates, and 50s style coffee cups in that fabulously popular mint color.  The all metal cake carrier.  The vintage washboard!  Fun stuff! DSCF1618

VIntage mixer, bread box and even an old Hershey’s cocoa tin! DSCF1619

I enjoyed flipping through the vintage “The Cookie Book”, have memories of this same vintage glass cookie jar in the house of some family friend, love the photograph of the coffee cup  (something strangely relaxing about it…) and really love the memo board with the robin’s grits background – the colors are wonderful!DSCF1620

Here is a closer shot of those great coffee cups I already mentioned.  Are you having a movie party?  It would be fun to serve popcorn in this vintage popcorn bags.  I love the wise ol’ owl trivet.


Do you know how collectible destination location salt and pepper shakers have become?  Well, just check out your favorite home magazine!  You will see some featured in there I bet!  I believe the article I read a couple months ago was from “Romantic Home Magazine” that is available for purchase in Hodgepodge. I really enjoy that magazine and get loads of decorating tips from there.DSCF1622

More OWLS!  (do you see a trend?) I really love these vintage play pots and pans too!  So sweet!  I know I had a set.  And remember how clever we all felt when we had one of those collapsible cups like the yellow one here?  DSCF1623

Another vintage mixer and wonderful canisters.DSCF1624

I hope you come in to see what else we have in our kitchen display, and what we add as customers pick up items to take home!

See you downtown!

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