Monday, May 10, 2010

Fab Find Friday? ? ?

I am so embarrassed! I tried to get the blog posted on Friday, but then I realized I forgot my camera!  So, I asked Ashley to pick HER favorite FAB FINDS on Saturday – so she emailed them.  I typed up the post – and …..forgot to post it.  SORRY!  Well, better late then never – I hope!

Here is the original post:

Ashley did a great job for me this week, I had her send me what SHE considers a FAB FIND at ARTIfacts.  Now, Ashley is young enough to be my daughter, and her taste is COMPLETELY different than mine, so I figured this would be fun! 

I was right!  She noticed totally different things that I wouldn’t have.  See what you think ~

vintage apple hook This is a really unique and fun apple hook.  Has all kinds of uses!  You can use in a kids room, kitchen or in the mud room!  It is really fun and is a great price.

vintage helmet

OK – so I don’t get this one, I admit it.  But Ashley loves it – it is a vintage motorcycle helmet from Jenny’s booth.  What would you do with it?  Give me your decorating ideas for this helmet.  Share your thoughts by commenting on the blog. 



  1. Maybe it would be neat to add to a 'guys' room or really cute in a little boys room on top of an armoire.

  2. I don't know the inside dimensions of the helmet but how about a book holder? Would 3 or 4 reading books stand up or lean against the inside of the helmet? Or just lay them down and stack them inside.

  3. Very cute ideas you two! Thanks! Any others?