Friday, May 7, 2010

We are having a FLOOD SALE!!

We are all safe - we are all dry here at ARTifacts - but we wanted to do something FUN with all this sadness - so many of our wonderful vendors have decided to do a FLOOD SALE in their booths until Tuesday evening.  It ends on Tuesday since that is one of the days they are saying the river will be back to "normal" levels.  So, come enjoy some great pricing on great items.

Here is a list of our participates so far!
Booth 5 - 10% off
Booth 2 "LilyBell Antiques" - 15% off
Artistic Eye is offering 20% off her house pins in booth 34A
Sharla Jewelry is offering 25% off all jewelry in her booth
Bob the Builder is offering 25% off
Kimberly Martin is offering 75% off her painted wine glasses and bottles
Aigelian Designs, Erin Slauson - 20% off her pottery (and this is the last chance sale!  Erin is graduating TODAY!!!! and will be moving away.  So she is moving out of her booth next weekend!)
Appealing Jewelry Designs by Rachel Ison is offering 15% off
Relative Collections is offering 10% off all vintage clothing & 25% off all special order ABC Architectural orders.
Honey Dog Studio's has 50% off all his leather purses and totes!

You can't miss out on these sales! They are incredible!

Stay tuned - we will have Fab Find Friday later today!

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  1. Well, the flood levels finally fell back to normal levels early Wednesday morning. I got my info from this really cool website my friend found.,1,1,1,1,1,1,1

    It gives the levels of the rivers all over the country. It was amazing last week when it was so extremely high. Back to normal now - and now to finish helping the people and businesses get back on their feet.