Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Creation Tuesday!

I really have enjoyed doing this blog each week!  It is hard to do – select just a few items that are created – there are so many wonderful vendors here, I can never pick just 2!

But that is ok – cuz I will another chance next week :o)

Ok – so I had selected my items to feature on this blog – and then one of my vendors walked in with the great creation, and I switched gears!

vintage screen memory board Oh Baby!  Took an old vintage window door screen and added homemade magnets.  I love this look, it is just too fun. 

wood bracelet with pencil drawingThen there are these wonderful bracelets made by Artistic Eye's Pamela Settle.  Pam takes a wood bracelet (she has various sizes and widths) and draws a design on them.  Each bracelet tells a story, that she includes with the purchase.

wood bracelet with pencil drawingHere is another one – this one has colored pencils – they are just beautiful!

Each one of her bracelets are completely different – very cool!

What will you create today?


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