Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Scents

The wonderful Patsy Dollar has blessed us with restocking her amazing soaps in her booth.  They smell divine!  I have been smelling this one on my desk since she brought it in this morning.  She has restocked one of her best sellers, and then created several new ones that I have to tell you about.  The great thing about Patsy’s soaps – besides the fact that they smell so amazing – but she makes the so very pretty too. 

Seay Soap

Pretty, aren’t they?!  The one she restocked is typically gone as soon as she brings them in (yes, they do smell THAT good!) is Geranium Bergamot.  But in this photo you can see the addition of 2 new scent soaps; bergamont & clove (divine!) and Lavender.  I think she has done the lavender before, but it looks very different this time – and I love it!

more seay soapsBut here are more of her new soaps.  The round ones are jasmine – and wow are they!  You can smell them the second you walk into the shop.  Close your eyes and you are in the garden. 

The next 2 soaps are both made with sea salt, so she is calling the Spa Soaps.  The sea salt makes them so pretty, I just love them.  The first one is scented with Lavender, Rosemary & Patchouli – now you either love or hate patchouli, I am personally a lover of it so you know I am taking home a bar of this!  The second sea salt soap is mixed with sweet orange, lime & patchouli – yup, you got it, this is going home with me too!

Had to share!  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!


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