Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Creation Tuesday

So, today – frankly the last several days - have been surreal to say the very least!  The weather first, then the flooding.  It has just been too much to really truly process.  So, beside the fact that the biggest creation I see this Tuesday is the new river running through town, I will come up with some fun stuff at the shop.  First – I must share photos taken just a few blocks from our shop. 

Our thoughts and prayers are here for so many of those who have been effected by this horrible storm and the following severe flooding. 


Commerce Street and River…well, Riverside is more like RIVER. DSCF1044

This is the pedestrian bridge in the background, normally crossing over a very busy 5 lane road, Riverside.  And yes, that ice box – is FLOATING.  Not just knocked over – FLOATING.  DSCF1052

Mary’s Music and many other small businesses on Riverside are completely underwater.  Completely.  Many prayers to them. 

Now – for the shop’s creations! (trying to think about happy things!)


I LOVE the wonderful leather bags created by Honey Dog Studios.  The accents of the shell or wood pieces, they make the most amazing and unique purses you can find!  AND right now – until the end of the month – they are HALF PRICE!  That’s right, you heard me – HALF PRICE!!  sale2Only 5 left!  Which one do you want?  We have 2 that are the large size – they are large enough to put your school books in – perfect for college books for that graduating senior from High School in a few weeks.  Then there are 3 of the medium size bags remaining.  HURRY IN!!

Oh dear – I just realized something.  I didn’t do the Fab Find Friday this past week.  I am sorry. I am afraid I was sick, all is well now, but I didn’t make it into work – so I promise for a double Fab Find THIS Friday!

And as for this weeks ArtWalk – we still plan to have it – we have HIGH hopes that the water will recede by then!  Keep your fingers crossed for us! 

And if you come downtown to visit the flood – don’t forget to stop by!



  1. great pictures. we've got a long recovery ahead. thankful for our location on "high ground."

  2. Sending love n hugs your way and prayers you dry out soon!

  3. Question...I see my business card on your side page, huge thank you!
    I have you on my side page BUT no picture, now do I put a picture in there?? I clicked to follow public like all the rest and they have pics but yours does not.

  4. not sure actually CindyKay - I will have to play with it. Stay tuned!